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Kevin Garnett Blows In David West's Ear In 'aggressive' Fashion | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sports

(Getty Images) For all the touching tributes and sober analysis of Kevin Garnett s future as an NBA player beyond the expiration of his contract this summer, it is necessary to remind ourselves that hes still the same sort of KG that weve grown to love, fear, and roll our eyes at since 1995. I mean, the dude blew in a guys ear on Saturday night. Watch: To recap: Garnett fouled Indiana Pacers forward David West , and then loudly stomped around Barclays Center complaining about Wests supposed flopping. Garnett followed this by blowing in Wests ear as the Pacers set up to in-bound the ball, West then brushed Garnett off and received a technical foul for his troubles. All this took place in the first quarter, mind you. Obviously, Garnetts move reminds of Lance Stephensons infamous trolling of LeBron James during last springs postseason , but West will have none of those comparisons.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/kevin-garnett-blows-in-david-west-s-ear-in-a-rather--aggressive--fashion--video-153948894.html

Fashion Forward: Lots of Flesh Flashed in 2014 | Valley News

Bought hubby a PS4 for Christmas. Only thing its good for right now is a tv stand." A great deal of the contempt however was reserved for Lizard Squad, a band of black-hat hackers who said from the get-go that they were behind the attack. The 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 comes in the gray color of the original PlayStation and bears other imagery harking back to the history of the console. Only 12,300 will be released globally, a nod to 12/3, or December 3, the date the console was released in Japan in 1994. Here's a look at the console through the years.
Source: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/12/27/tech/playstation-xbox-problems/index.html?eref=edition

Arian Foster's wife, Romina, combines football with fashion | abc13.com

While Foster takes some credit for his fashion sense, his wife Romina, is certainly the catalyst. "Its not all her, I got a little bit, I got a little swank to me," laughs Foster. "But for the most part she is the brains behind it." She is now putting her brains into a new clothing line. "Covu" combines her love of fashion with football. Covu is also a play on words for the defensive scheme in football called "Cover 2." Romina says "I asked him about football lingo, something that a fan will connect with the fans. So he said "Cover 2." Arian added "When she was going through names, that was kind of the one that popped up at me.
Source: http://abc13.com/fashion/ever-wonder-from-where-arian-foster-gets-his-fashion-sense/453118/

T.Y. Hilton injury update: Colts WR is active, fantasy visit website owners remain concerned with snap count - Yahoo Sports

The Colts are essentially in a meaningless game against the Tennessee Titans . The Colts are locked into the postseason, and Hilton isn't far removed from injury. While it's likely Hilton will want to test out his hamstring in Sunday's game, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Colts limit his workload as they rest him for the playoffs. Fantasy impact: With nothing on the line for the Colts and potentially everything on the line for fantasy owners, this is obviously a risky situation. If fantasy owners are determined to start Hilton, they'll want a quick score because he may not have much opportunity to do a lot.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/t-y-hilton-injury-colts-171342742.html

PlayStation exec: It was a cyberattack - CNN.com

On runways, Marc Jacobs sent up-and-comer Kendall Jenner out during Februarys New York Fashion Week with nipples clearly visible under a taupe knit top. Christian Siriano closed his show in September with ice blue crystals on a barely there trouser set, nipples on display. Look no further than awards shows, music videos and magazine covers for fuller rears, compliments of Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj, along with Jenners big sis Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, the Council of Fashion Designers of Americas style icon of the year. Rihanna showed off every inch top to bottom when she collected the award, but curvy newcomer Meghan Trainor said it best in the rear department with her breakout, Grammy nominated hit: All About that Bass. Where would Instagram be without booty?
Source: http://www.vnews.com/lifetimes/14854374-95/fashion-forward-lots-of-flesh-flashed-in-2014

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